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EnigmaWarsaw is an outdoor game for groups of 4-40, organised upon request in Warsaw’s central areas. The game takes place in an urban environment and gives you the opportunity to pay an unusual visit to the city, but also works as a team-building activity. If you want the experience of having fun and learning something new, integrating your team and discovering Warsaw in the process, take part in this group activity in the labyrinth of the Polish metropolis.

About the game

Activity based game

It is an activity-based game, and as such it is the best investment if you want to motivate your employees. Your people will learn more about themselves and one another by working together outside of the office and far away from their everyday duties. The game improves negotiation skills and involves problem-solving tasks. It is highly probable that the game will show you the potential leaders in your firm, creating a basis for the further improvement of your company. It is certain that it will be a great gift for your employees, who will have the opportunity to participate in and create an imaginative, energetic environment together. We will propose some basic scenarios, but the game can be modified according to your preferences, so don’t hesitate to get in contact with us about creating your own outstanding incentive event.

Surprises, challenges, fun

You will have it all during this game. If you are curious and know six more such people, rush to Warsaw and meet its Enigma. Be prepared for the fact that anything can happen. This is one of the rules. The other one is to use your imagination and be open-minded. Last but not least, this game is suitable for anyone endowed with at least an average sense of humour. Have fun solving riddles, attempting to outwit the Enigmagicians while competing fiercely with rival teams in order to uncover the ultimate mystery of Enigma. Delve into the uncertainty of human lives in past centuries. Then, finish it all off with a festive banquet or a rocking party!

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